December 2022: Viva celebrations for Qinrong! Slightly low key as half the group were either ill or out of the country… Bigger celebration will be had in the new year!

December 2022 Group ice skating at Queen’s House Greenwich. Also saying goodbye to Pamela Machado from Mariona Coll‘s group after a fantastic research visit.

November 2022: Saying goodbye to Kalsoom Fatima, a 6-months visitor who came to do amazing science in our group. We wish you good fortune in your plans to come!

September 2022: Our group in Warsaw for the E-MRS Fall 2022! Many of the group gave their first ever in person talk.

May 2022: A viva and a leaving do – double whammy group social! Adriana Augurio passed her PhD viva, and Lokeshwari Mohan is leaving the group to the ‘dark side’ of consultancy. Congratulations Adriana and a big miss you Lokeshwari!