MEng (Hons), MRes

Jeviya was born and raised in Frankfurt (Germany). She moved to London (UK) after her childhood years. In 2018, she graduated with her MEng (Hons) degree in Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. After completing her integrated master’s degree, she joined the PE-CDT programme in late 2018, where she obtained her MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials at Imperial College London in 2019. As part of the PE-CDT course, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London, where she is undertaking a research project on optimising the photoelectrochemistry with PEDOT:PSS-based hybrid systems. 

MEng Medical Engineering (QMUL): 2014-2018
MRes Plastic Electronic Materials (ICL): 2018-2019
PhD Materials Science (QMUL): 2019-Present